About Young Living

Seed to Seal Promise


"When it comes to your Family's well-being, cutting corners is not an option. That is why we've pioneered a stringent process to ensure that you get superior oils, starting with our fields & ending with your family. We call it Seed to Seal, & it means you know exactly what is in each bottle and product you receive from YL: the very best essential oils! See the process below!"

Step 1, SEED - High quality oils start with high quality seeds. We handpick seeds and starts based on their potential to produce potent essential oils. Our selective process means high levels of bioactive compounds in each botanical.

Step 2, CULTIVATE - All our farms emphasize sustainable growing and harvesting. Co-op farm practices are verified to match our proprietary Seed to Seal standards. Global farms provide a rich supply of essential oils for members around the world.

Step 3, DISTILL - Our methods marry cutting edge innovation with time-tested techniques. Our gentle yet effective distillation protects the oil's delicate constituents.We carefully cold press and resin tap select oils.

Step 4, TEST - We test to ensure that no oils are diluted, cut, or adulterated. Internal and third party labs ensure quality. Testing verifies that our oils meet and exceed industry-leading standards.

Step 5, SEAL - We bottle the essential oils in UV-protective amber glass at our local Utah facility. State-of-the-art equipment bottles and labels each product in our dedicated clean facility. Single source shipping goes to families around the world.




Young Living offers an incredibly generous income opportunity along with your membership. No matter what your unique goals/dreams are, I PROMISE  you will reach them with the YL biz. There is, of course, no pressure to sell when joining Young Living: however you might consider it if any of these options below grabs your attention:

- Be your own boss? CHECK

- Set your own hours? CHECK

- Limitless income potential? CHECK

- Time freedom? CHECK 

and the list goes on and on...

Essentially, I am here to let you know that your dreams CAN be your reality. You simply have to let go of the fear that's standing in the way of your potential, & MAKE IT HAPPEN! I'm rooting for you!!!

Details of the business are on Young Living's website. 


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